April 22, 2013

Fire, Wind And Rain.

Well hello there.  Bit of a long break between posts - sorry!  Thought the time had come for a random update of stuff we have been up to on The Farm.  (I don't have tractor photos yet - will get onto it but all the action is a fair distance from The Farmhouse.)  Anyway, we have spent the last two weekends at home on The Farm doing unglamorous but necessary jobs like cleaning the gutters.

One job we did get onto was burning up the piles of dead wood after we had the dangerous trees removed.

Look - here is one of our bonfires.


The fires smouldered for days and have now finally gone out.  Fortunately the weather here has been much cooler recently and it had finally got to a stage where we felt safe having fires near the house.

Yesterday we had a brisk breeze blowing and The Farmchildren decided there was only one thing for it. Kite flying.


We all got in on the action.

Don't Let Go

Living on a farm all their lives has meant The Farmchildren are quite creative when it comes to finding their own entertainment.  Farmgirl however reached new heights (and those of you that know her in real life will know that is really something...) when she decided that her relatively new gumboots needed a work out.  The only problem was lack of rain meant lack of mud.  Needless to say this did not stop our intrepid Farmgirl.  She made her own rain.


And she really gave her new boots a work out.

Mud - You Can See Where I Emptied All The Mud That Was Inside Too!

I have just had a look at the rain photo - it is taken in a very undone bit of our garden - sorry!  To make myself feel better I dug up this photo of that bit of the garden when we first moved in.

Weeds And A Leggy Bottle Brush That Was Rotten In The Middle And Fell Over

While it looks green and lush that is only due to the waist high weeds.  And the tree fell over and snapped off not long after the photo.  It was rotten in the middle.  I can remember the morning I snapped that photo - it all seemed a bit overwhelming both inside and out!  Almost two years down the track and the inside is well and truly under control and we are starting to make inroads on the outside.  Finally.

Anyway - thought I would throw up a random rose shot to end my Monday morning ramble.



This rose was suggested by Jenny over at The Lime Walk.  It is the deepest coloured rose in my golden rose garden.  I love it.

Hope everyone has a great week.  School holidays here - I am about to try and sell "planting more broccoli seedlings in the vegie garden" as a school holiday activity to The Farmchildren.  Wish me luck.


Rachel said...

Childhood and life on your farm sounds idyllic. My urban babies became farm kids a year ago. They are still learning the fine art of self-entertainment...they haven't moved far beyond mud puddles and mud pies yet, but we are working on it :)

Domesblissity said...

Hope the planting seedlings idea pays off. I must say, your garden is looking pretty swish. Enjoy the holidays.

Anne xx

Jo @ Countrylifeexperiment said...

We are loving the school holidays too! It is such a pity when they end!

Heidi said...

Hilarious boot photo - we battle dirt here, soon to be mud, and I feel like it's been constant mud/dirt for 2 years of semi uncultivated garden and building works. The rose is beautiful - have you already planted all the yellow ones? or are you waiting for Winter? xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Rachel - Most of the time they are good at self entertainment. Today's game seems to involve a cubby and some sort of mission with a chain of command. Interestingly the dog is also involved and he is apparently the commander. He has been dubbed "Commander Woof-A-Lot". He is being saluted fairly often and seems to be a bit bemused by the whole things.

Anne - The garden is getting there. It is fairly large so hard to get a handle on.

Jo - I love the holidays but must admit I am also quite happy when they are over. I am a routine junkie.

Heidi - Have planted the roses only. Haven't underplanted yet so not really worth a photo. They had a deal on roses at a good nursery in Perth so I grabbed some the other day.

Unknown said...

Love your flower, I have just picked my first and one and only azalea flower, a deep pink and have it in a vase very similar to yours. Enjoy the holidays, they will be gone before you know it. xx Rae

A Farmer's Wife said...

Oh Rae I love azaleas. I planted some up here once and they didn't make it through February.... Sad but true.

River said...

If you hadn't mentioned that part of the garden we unfinished we never would have known. it all looks wonderful. I love bonfires.