June 29, 2013

Happening Stuff.

Lots happening recently here at The Farm.

Some of the garden plants arrived last Friday afternoon.

Ute and Trailer Full Of Plants

The Farmer had hurt his back so Farmgirl and I got to work unloading them all.  She was the "chief shifter to the edge of the trailer" and I was "chief carrier to appropriate place in The Garden".  It took a long time.

Unloading Trailer Supervised By Sausage Dog. Winter Shadows.

By the end it was early evening so I felt a drink was in order.

A Glass of Red In The Garden

The next day lots of planting was done.  The Farmer was unable to participate, however one of our Danish tractor drivers was happy to earn some extra cash.  He dug 96 holes.  I like to think of it as utilising Viking Power.  No after photos yet as there is still lots to do.

Last night we had an impromptu dinner party.  It was very cold so I went for a cosy feel and we just ate in the kitchen as it is warmer than the dining room.

I set the table. (I struggle with the phrase "creating a tablescape" - do we need fancy words for setting the table? Or maybe I am just out of touch?)

Obviously Too Slack To Light The Candles For The Photo

I followed my own dinner party rules. And a good time was had by all.

Not much else to report this week - watched the below unfold on TV on Wednesday.

Kevin - Julia - Kevin

And for some reason I photographed my oven. Can't remember why now.

Oven With Crooked Tea Towel Styling

Best go - need to garden more today.

Take care.

Lemon Delicious Pudding. Just Because.


Faux Fuchsia said...

I set the table too as opposed to tablescaping it - Old School! Cannot wait to see the plants in situ. Nice oven.

Are you joining us in Melb? x

River said...

That's a lot of planting to get done. Back breaking work. You're going to need that yummy Lemon Delicious pudding to help the recovery.

Heidi said...

Good work on the garden - 96 holes is impressive (and thank God you didn't have to dig them...). What on earth is tablescaping anyway? There was a dreadful show I saw once in the US "The Semi-Homemade cook". She (Sandra-Lee) spent no time on the food, and lots of time on the tablescape. The episode I saw she was "inspired by a trip to Paris, France" and was recreating French cuisine using tinned condensed soup mixed with meat for casseroles etc. Hideous. The tablescape included anything possibly thought of as French - you wouldn't have been able to see the other guests on the other side of the table. Some inspiration for your next dinner party perhaps? http://www.foodnetwork.com/semi-homemade-cooking-with-sandra-lee/index.html

Your oven looks good.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Good to know all is well on the farm. That pud looks fabulous so I guess you wanted to credit the oven? Tables capping is when you build high decor on your table so you can't see anything except your food! :)

Fiona said...

I might change the kids' roster on the fridge to include "create a tablescape" and see what they come up with!
All the best with the gardening, look forward to the 'after' shots.

A Farmer's Wife said...

FF - WOuld love to come to Melbourne - not quite sure yet as is also my Tenth Wedding anniversary. Am in negotiations.

River - Pudding very yummy!!

Heidi - No way on this earth I would have managed 96 holes. Am planning a night on the couch with a glass of wine so shall peruse your link.... Am sure it will give me lots of inspiration as it sounds sooooo my style....

CSW - remembered why I took the oven photo. One of my Mum's friends is looking at double ovens so Mum wanted me to email her a photo. You would think I would have straightened the tea towel. I have obviously failed Tablescaping 101 - I quite like to see my guests! Lovely to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Love the pudding and the wine, nice shiny oven, maybe that's why you took the photo, I am one for all things shiny. Glad you had some help with the holes. Saw your reply to the robotic vac, thanks, will get one. xx

Romy said...

Your oven is so shiny! That pudding looks delish....is my husband's signature (only) dish yet he hasn't cooked it since we've been away although can't say I've been missing out on cake! What did you plant? Rx
PS come to Mel!

ANB said...

That red tea-towel looks good against the shiny oven! And setting the table (rather than eating off our laps on the couch after the toddler is in bed) counts as a photo-worthy event at our place!

Domesblissity said...

You mean people still set the table? LOL I'm lucky the kids will use any kind of cutlery let a lone a plate! LOL Can't wait to see the finished garden.

Anne xx

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

There is nothing as exciting as new plants/trees going in ....So pleased the sausage dog was keeping an eye on things! I do love a warm lemon pudding - in fact, I think I'll do one tomorrow... Ive been very slack in the kitchen of late. Hope the Farmer's back improves quickly -poor thing .. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Fiona - I can't wait for the afters too. Seems to be a long time coming!

Rae - Let me know how you go with your robotic vac. Mine seems to be working away non-stop! So brilliant.

Romy - I think the oven looks shinier in the photo than real life. Or maybe my iPhone photos are just rubbish! Working on Melbourne. Would love to come.

ANB -It's a hard time of your life with small kids and I think collapsing on the couch is OK. Our kids are big enough now that we all sit together and eat each night so I make them set the table most of the time. Needless to say no tablescaping occurs!!

Anne - Still waiting for the finished garden - it seems to be taking years but think that is the point with gardens...!

Jenny - It is exciting. I hope your pudding is lovely. Warm puddings are so comforting.

Housewife in Heels said...

Love viking power. I am importing some French help. I expect they'll only make it to 70 holes before revolting. Will see...