July 20, 2013

Here I Am.

Hello!  I have come back from an unplanned blogging break.  Ridiculously busy here recently and I just lost the will to blog along with everything else I needed to do.  I have decided there is a time for a quick update today though.

Big Farm News in the last few weeks was that Farmgirl turned six.  I know, my baby is six!  She had a great birthday complete with a "Pirates and Fairies" party.  Unfortunately the party happened on the foggiest day I think I have ever seen on The Farm.  You couldn't see from one end of the garden to the other.


Setting Up - Not Exactly Prime Party Weather

Bunting Trying Valiantly To Brighten Up A Foggy Sky. Failing Miserably.

In the end we embraced the fog (which didn't clear until midday) and decided it was atmospheric and just added to the pirate feel.  Fortunately no pirates or fairies got lost.  I had baked up a storm.

Baked Goods Waiting Patiently

Baked Goods Being Devoured

Farmgirl got completely spoilt and all the pirates and fairies had a fabulous time.  Hats off to some friends who put on full pirate make-up (kids and grown ups) and then ran into town and got me some spare loo paper from the shops and visited the post office whilst in full pirate rig.

Needless to say I was exhausted by the end of the party and needed to put my feet up.  We then had an old friend and her lovely new(ish) man come for the night so I was fully recovered and in front of the fire with some bubbles and cheese by evening.

Things have been a bit hectic here and we are all worn out.  School holidays are almost over and involved no time off for The Farmer or I.  So I have booked some holidays and we are doing a sneaky run to the snow for a few days in August to get off The Farm.  The Farmkids are super excited.  They had such a great time when we combined some time skiing with our NYC trip this January.

Farmgirl Rocking Some Neon Snow Gear. Mount Snow Vermont.

Farmboy Demonstrating The Essential Snow Boarding Art Of "Sitting-On-Your-Bum-In-The-Snow."

I am a very, very bad skier.  I only learnt as an adult and am still at the stage where I get excited when I don't stuff up getting on and off the lift.  Don't worry though - I am very good at skiing a bit in the morning and then pooncing around in the snow and drinking lots of hot chocolate.  The Farmer is a ridiculously good snow boarder so we definitely don't spend all day together.   My other favourite thing about the snow is the fact that everyone looks fat in padded ski pants. This means there is plenty of scope for much red wine and cheese consuming.

I am going to try and blog more this week.  The kids will be back at school and my boss will be back from a month away so I should have more time.  At least that's the plan.  The gorgeous Heidi over at Adelaide Villa sent me some beautiful intaglios a little while ago.  I have just got them back from the framer and will get some good photos and show you all.  Plus I have more of a garden update to post as almost everything is planted now. Yay!

Farm-wise everything is going ok.  We got rain after a long dry period and it literally arrived in the nick of time.  This has taken a lot of worry away as things were looking very average.  Fortunately we are in a reliable area rain-wise but even here things had started to get very thirsty.  The rain penetrated quite a way inland and got to some areas which really needed it which was fabulous news for rural WA.

Anyway - best go and deal with Farmkids who are apparently hungry. Again.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.  Wherever you are!

PS - I am desperately waiting for the Royal Baby.  Feeling sorry for The Duchess of Cambridge as, given that I feel like it has been a long pregnancy, she must feel like it has lasted forever.  I think it will be a girl!


Domesblissity said...

Happy birthday Farm Girl. A lovely theme for a party. Time gets away from you, doesn't it?

Anne xx

Heidi said...

Hooray for rain! So glad you got some in time. Meanwhile, I'm wishing ours would go away. Good for the garden, but not good for building progress unfortunately!!
Love the party for farmgirl, and it certainly did add some mystique to the party to have the fog machine turned on. Very clever of you!!
Jealous re the skiing. We haven't been for 3 years - last time was with a 4 month old with reflux. Fortunately my inlaws came along too, so I got to go skiiing. They were very keen to babysit when it was less than optimal conditions on the slopes. So I generally got pushed out the door to ski in white outs, or when there were blizzard like conditions and howling wind. Fun. Next time with all three in ski school will be different! Looking forward to seeing the Intaglios and what you've done with them xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Anne - I wanted an easy theme so no-one had to go to too much effort for a costume!

Ski school is fabulous Heidi. I am such a rubbish skier that i normally have a lesson myself for an hour or so while the kids are in ski school.

CountryMouse said...

What perfect weather for pirates and fairies ... so magical. I am glad you got your rain and hope you enjoy that much needed holiday. Blogging will come when it is ready although I know it is hard to get back into it sometimes.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Farm Girl!

Skiing... Love being In the snow but I'm not a skier either.

SSG xxx

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Lovely catch-up. Happy Birthday to Farmgirl, I love the foggy backdrop, bet the kids loved it too. Ooo I love a ski holiday, and I'm with you on it being very much a morning activity with hot and cold beverages for the remainder of the day :-) We are very keen to do a ski holiday but with 5 kids we won't be able to do it often so we are waiting for the optimum time to go where all kids will derive maximum enjoyment, probably another couple of years off. Where do you go from WA?
Mel x

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

A lovely post FW!! My hubby grew up on a farm and as you know we lived on a farm for 8 years... I know only too well the stress involved in getting a good rainfall!. How lovely that you've booked to go skiiing - these have been some of our happiest family holidays! Dying to see photos of the garden! xx

jcatesby6 said...

Really missed your blog! Love to hear about life on the farm plus great pics and those cakes ... I'll bet the kids scoffed the lot. Yes more pics of the garden please.

Cattle and Cushions said...

I am a complete novice skier, so I love your "Pooncing in the snow" comment. Your trip will be lovely!

The party looked perfect too, good luck with regular posting - I am trying to post more too, life is never dull on a farm!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday to Farmgirl The party looks fabulous and I so love the fact it was shrouded in eerie fog.

We are off to the snow in August also. I am so looking forward to it, especially as it has finally started to snow. My husband is currently alternating monitoring the Tour with obsessive snow report checks. I am busy monitoring reports for the Royal Baby. I "think" a girl too. xx

Tania said...

Sounds like a great party!

Glad to hear you have had some rain. I had been wondering as WA has been pretty dry. SA is getting it all this year :)