August 1, 2013

Intaglios, Snow Pants and Lots Of Jarrah.

Well hello there.  Time for a quick update on recent events here on The Farm.  We have had stacks and stacks of lovely rain which has been fabulous.  Everything is green and gorgeous and The Farmkids are happy as there is oodles of mud everywhere.

Lots going on here.  I mentioned in my last post that the lovely Heidi at Adelaide Villa had sent me some Intaglios.  I have had them framed into two lots and have put them in the entrance hall here at The Farmhouse.  They look amazing and everyone comments on them.  Look.  The entrance hall is very light so the dark colour and the heavier frame look great.

Framed Intaglios With Added Lead Light Reflection

Sorry about the reflection - it is nowhere near that bad in real life, just a funny angle of light coming in this afternoon!

I have also recently been undertaking an extensive on-line shopping search for snow pants for me.  Everyone else in the family has a pair that fit but I borrowed a pair last time that were a tiny bit short but definitely did the job.  After working out that hiring a pair for a week was a similar cost to buying a pair, I went shopping.  Plus I always like to be correctly attired and the thought of a pair of hire pants that, god forbid, did not match my existing jacket was just too much for my shallow self to cope with.

I have to admit that it has been one of my more challenging on-line shopping tasks as I had no idea what to look for.  After some extensive on-line research I bought one pair...and they were way too big. So big in fact that I could have fitted myself and at least one of The Farmkids in them with me.

Oversized Snow Pants. Cute Sausage Dog As Fashion Adviser.

So they went winging their way back from whence they came.  The next pair duly arrived and were just wrong.  The shop sent the wrong colour to start with (I could have coped though as they sent black and I wanted charcoal) and they fitted in a very weird way and were incredibly uncomfortable.  So they went back too.

Today I hit the snow pant jackpot.  I gave in and bought a trendy teenage Roxy pair which actually fitted beautifully.  I felt like I was reliving my teenage years when I was browsing the Roxy site but the pants are fabulous.  They fit really nicely and aren't too heavy as I would rather the option to layer if I get cold than get too hot.  Plus the Roxy site had lots of cute stuff for Farmgirl.....

See - the baby bear's porridge snow pant equivalent - just right.

Beware Of All Enterprises That Require New Clothes.

I am excited.  My ski jacket is quite a bright pink and overall my "snow look" seems to be a little like I am channelling a giant pink and grey galah.  I will look OK until I start to ski and then any chance I have of looking even a bit put together will go straight out the window....  My skiing ability will not live up to my pants I am afraid.

Ski Jacket - Bought From Century 21 In  NYC So Ridiculously Cheap

There is also a little excitement here as the quarters renovation/rebuild is almost finished  Not quite ready for the big reveal yet but here is a sneak peak of some of the finished bits.

New Side Verandah

Reclaimed Floor Boards On New Verandah Floor

New Steps Plus Me Being A Footwear Model And Showing Off  My Battered Gum Boots.

So there you go.  Hope things are going well for you all too.

Take care.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

The intaglios look great!! And I adore your verandah. Looks utterly homely...have fun skiing!

Heidi said...

Love the intaglios! They look great - so glad they've gone to a good home!! Your local framer did a really good job too.
Well done on the ski pants... I ended up buying some at the snow a couple of years ago as my previous skiing outfit dated to when I was 16 years old.... needless to say it was a little bit dated looking, plus hard to fit into after having 3 kids! You'll look very slick hanging out having hot chocolates apres ski! Like your Florence doona cover too.
Love the jarrah - so lucky you have that as a feature of the shearing accommodation. xx

jcatesby6 said...

It's such a gamble ordering online as sizes vary so much but well done the outfit sounds great. Pity the charcoal pair did not work out as the galah colours made me chuckle and would have looked great. yes love the verandah and can just imagine how lush and green it all looks on the property.The intaglios look quite striking

A Farmer's Wife said...

CSW - Thank you! Looking forward to skiing.

Heidi - Very old ski gear is not the business is it? The Farmer owns what we call "the pants of shame". They are a 12 year old pair of bright orange ski pants which no longer fit him well. The standard joke is that if you do something very embarrassing on the slopes "the pants of shame" then need to be worn.... Fortuynately they are too small for him and too big for me so there has been no enforcing of this rule as yet.

Thanks Janet - I did get grey pants in the end so the galah is alive, kicking and hopefully sliding down a mountain with a modicum of style.