August 21, 2013

Snow Gums.

We are home again.  Last week involved a family trip to Falls Creek to ski/snow board.  It was absolutely great and we are all home wishing we were still there.  Even my very average skiing improved such that I was confident to attempt a blue run, admittedly with an instructor encouraging me all the way!

Gorgeous Snow. Stylish People That Are Completely Unknown To Me But Match The Colour Scheme Beautifully.

Falls Creek was a great place for a family holiday.  It was very friendly and had a bit of a country town vibe that I loved.  We had a couple of nights at The Falls Creek Hotel which was excellent and then shared an apartment with some friends from Tasmania.  The children all ran riot and had a fantastic time.  Farmgirl christened them "The Tassies".

Me Celebrating My First Ever Blue Run With A Drink In The Pub.

Needless to say both The Farmkids can now ski a million times better than me.  I had the disconcerting experience of riding the lift with an instructor whilst Farmgirl and her ski school class were in the terrain park learning to do jumps.  I spotted her and was trying not to panic - the instructor quickly suggested I just look the other way!  Farmboy also scared the pants off The Farmer when he just pointed his skis downhill on a blue run and went straight down without turning at all.  Speed control obviously not being his strong point..... Fortunately he got close to the bottom and chose to sit down.  Which was lucky as his snowboarder Dad couldn't get up enough speed to catch him. (And The Farmer is pretty handy on a snowboard.)

I found the landscape very beautiful - I have mainly spent time in the snow overseas and so I really loved the fact that there was snow and gumtrees.

Looking Down The Valley From The Apartment Early One Morning.

And magpies.

Magpie In The Snow

To be honest I am still a bit sad to be home again - a week didn't seem to be long enough.  Although neither my knees or my wallet could have gone much longer I think!

So - time to get back to reality.  I have got stuck into my garden which seemed to have gone wild in just a week plus have spent what seems like hours literally wading through a mountain of washing.

Better get back to it all - will try and update with some farm news soon.  Lots happening in the garden and my quarters are almost finished.

(Also - on the off chance my lovely friend Louise, who I bumped into after many years but had to run off as Farmboy was sick, is reading this - I did try and find you again!  Email me. x)


Heidi said...

Love your photos - I love the gums and snow too, and the peace. Looks like you had great snow and weather. Jealous!
As for the farm kids skiing past you, get used to it! My mother in law complains that she has been in the same ski school level class for the past 23 years. All her children were already skiied well above her when she achieved that level too! I think as you get older, you're more aware of the injuries that you could end up with.. the young, not so much xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

I also think the kids are just that bit closer to the ground too!!

Domesblissity said...

The photos are gorgeous. It looks a little cold for this Qlder. I did live in the Northern Hemisphere for 6 months and experienced the snow and ice, give me the sun and ocean any time. Would love to take my kids one day. (See any nice ladies slacks suits for spring cleaning in? LOL)

Anne xx

Donna said...

Love the Aussie snow country! We're off for a few days next week to Mt Buffalo. No kids though to scare the pants off us or show us up!!

cilosophy said...

I admire people who can ski.
I dislike the cold and I dislike the idea of hurtling down a slippery hill.
That stuff takes guts.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

What great photos. The combination of snow and gum trees is fab! I wish I had learned to ski years ago. Our younger children can and number 2 son is quite good. It is not going to happen now. I am too busy learning to dry stone wall!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Anne - WAs a lovely week.

Donna - Hope you had a fabulous time.

Cilosophy - The cold doesn't bother me most of the time. The hurtling down the slippery hill bit occasionally does....

Elizabeth - I learnt to ski quite recently. I figured I was at the age where it was now or never and so I went for it!