August 26, 2013


Our crops are doing OK so far this year.  It has been on the wetter side (which we are not complaining about as for a while there it was worryingly dry...) and this has resulted in disease in some of our crops. They are a bit too high now to easily get our spray gear in so we have had the crop spraying planes buzzing around.

The Farmkids used to get really excited about this but have obviously become accustomed to the planes as they barely rated a look-in this year.  Even when they were doing cool things like literally flying right over the roof!

Plane - Turning Not Spraying Our Roof - I Promise

Ignore the messy half finished garden bit at the back of The Farmhouse and just admire the plane.

It feels very spring-like here at the moment.  We are hoping for a few more cool weeks with some rain though to help our crops finish properly. As always however, when it comes to the weather, we will get what we get!

Hope things are going well for you all.

Take care.

Plane Heading Over The Hill


Heidi said...

I can't believe the farmkids are so jaded by the crop duster that it provides absolutely no interest to them!!! Love your blue skies... feel free to send them our way, and I'll send you some grey rainy ones instead.
Wouldn't it be nice to order up the weather you wanted on cue??

Fiona said...

Yes, we simply have to take what we get when it comes to the weather don't we.
Lovely to hear from you, hope all is going well for you.

CountryMouse said...

Love the crop duster action. I hope the weather goes your way although it is an unpredictable thing really.

Romy said...

Those blue skies look gorgeous. Lucky you having weather that feels like spring....still feels like deepest darkest winter here. I'd get excited having a crop duster over my house....Rx

cilosophy said...

What a beautiful part of the world you have