September 23, 2013

Born To Run. Or Not.

I have taken up jogging.  Anyone who knows me in real life has probably just fainted at that sentence.  I decided that I had got to the age where I needed to do something to stay active and make sure I could do all the things I wanted to do.  So I embarked on the Couch to 5 K programme.

I realised fairly early on that I was missing one essential component - a flat area of even ground.  Instead I seem to be stuck with not-so-gently undulating hills and gravel tracks.  To make matters more complicated it has rained so much here that all the tracks are soggy and slippery.  One day I got home with so much mud on the bottom of my shoes I had grown a good two inches.  (Perhaps an under-rated way to quickly look tall and skinny?)


There have also been a few other obstacles.

Tree Branches On The Road

Plus a swooping bird down near the creek has resulted in me running over the crossing waving my arms in the air and making noises like a banshee.

 New Pink Shoes  - Not So Clean Now!

Other than that it has been fun. I have surprised myself and made it up to Week 5 of the C25K programme.  Living on a farm I don't need headphones and have just run with Bruce Springsteen (my jogging sound track of choice) blaring full volume out of my iPhone.  I have always had a soft spot for Brucey-Babe and was upset when I missed out on tickets to his Perth shows.  (Did anyone get tickets? They sold out within a few minutes apparently.)

In other gripping news I have been spring cleaning.  I have attacked all the usual suspects like the pantry etc.  I always find a few interesting surprises in my pantry.  Particularly spices of the more vintage than fresh type.  This time I found these.  If there is a world-wide MasterFoods mint jelly shortage, don't panic.  I am all over it.

Anything That Green Must Be Good For You

Not much else to report really.  I have been busy furnishing our quarters amongst other thing.  So far I have made really exciting purchases like mattress protectors and new pillows.

Boring But Essential Linen

It has been a super wet September which is mainly good as it means our crops have had a chance to make lots of grain.  Now it is getting to the stage that we are worried that we will get bogged while we harvest!  My garden has responded nicely though and I will work on a garden post soon.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday wherever you all are.

For those of you, like me, who missed out on concert tickets - here is a little vintage Bruce to brighten up your day.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

You won't look back once you start running. It's such a great way to both keep fit and have some me time.

I am so over the rain already.

SSG xxx

Amanda Kendle said...

I'm slowly coming around to the jogging thing (my physio assures me my battered hips/pelvis will find it easier than power walking and she seems to be right) but I'm afraid I tend to stick to the treadmill at the moment which is really not as adventurous as your hills and tree obstacles!

But - not that I'm gloating - I *did* get Bruce Springsteen tickets. :-)

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

I'm so impressed with your running.. also had a burst of it when I was much younger ... well done! I always remember that famous Bruce Springsteen video of him asking a gorgeous dark-haired girl to come up on the stage and then danced with her.... this was years ago! We are firm fans! So thrilled with lots of rain for your farm... know only too well the feeling of worrying about how much too. Have a lovely week! xx

Jo @ Country Life Experiment said...

I've been thinking of starting the couch to 5km running thing. Just not sure if I can fit it into life at the moment!

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - Thank you! I hope i keep going. I definitely plan to.

Amanda - Jealous. Very, very jealous. Good luck with the jogging.

Jenny - Bruce is just all-round gorgeous, isn't he?

Jo - I spent years not fitting it in and decided this year I had to do it as both my kids were at school and it was now or never. Hard when your kids are smaller though.

Heidi said...

Running is most definitely a fashion amongst the over 30 post baby set. I have so many friends that run now (and never did before). Before you know it you'll be signing up to do the London marathon or something. Well done, it sounds like your running is a little more challenging than most!
Glad you've had a lot of rain and the crop is looking good. Looking forward to the garden post xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Laughing at your comment Heidi. No marathons for me.
My orthopaedic surgeon has pointed out that I have the sort of knees that will only do 5-10km at a time at most. (I haven't told him about the skiing....) Plus - running for half an hour/40 mins sounds fun. Running for 4 - 5 hours sounds excessive.... I think I lack the concentration span required.

Domesblissity said...

Good for you starting running. Everytime I go to Google C2K I can never find it so give up. I walk instead. I was a runner and loved it. Maybe one day. Love vintage Bruce Springsteen too. You'll have to send some rain our way. Its dry here in Qld (which is strange saying that after all the rain we had in the last 2 years).

Anne xx

Faux Fuchsia said...

wow good for you, maybe I should start too xx

Joolz said...

Great round up of your goings on. Hmmm, I must find a recipe that I know of for a pouring sauce that goes over cream cheese, which uses mint jelly. I'm not sure of the proportions but it has the jelly, apricot jam, seeded mustard and horseradish. It is fantastic!
We have tickets to see Bruce in Adelaide! Never been a big fan myself but hubby wanted to go so I'll hold his hand!

Cheers, Joolz xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

FF - If you are going to jog I would definitely use the little C25K app on your phone. I think I would have given up without it!

Joolz - Sounds yum. Enjoy Bruce. Am v jealous.

cilosophy said...

Yay for you, starting running.
I have written a guide for beginner runners, here....
If you can, try and enter a fun run, its a great way to keep motivated.

Best of luck, am so excited for you x

Anonymous said...

Good on you! I started late last year and got myself to week four of the program and then when school went back (I'm a teacher) I stopped. Very p****d at myself for doing so!! Must get into it again as soon as Uni is finished in the next couple of weeks(do not know what possessed me to study again with working and little kids!) You have inspired me to take over the roads on the farm :)

Fiona said...

Good on you AFW. I bit the bullet at age 40 and started running (an unfortunate fact of aging that a little extra effort is required to keep the middle-age spread in check). I used the C25K program too, amazing how effective it is. Running is now very much part of my everyday program (over 2 years later) and I'm so pleased I started. Great for your head as well as your body! All the best with it.

Heidi said...

Actually, I'm sure you'll appreciate this, but I grew up with a father who used to comment as we drove pass a 40 year old male jogging "There's a heart attack waiting to happen"... as he is a Doctor, you can see that jogging was never highly regarded in our family, and I can't shake that now as an adult myself. I am not a born jogger. I do other exercise instead though! xx

Tania said...

I love to run. I was all un-co to start with but in the end I could just run, and I toned up and lost weight...Music definitely does help :) I love Bruce too!

I am glad I am not the only one to find vintage things lurking in my pantry :)