November 22, 2013


It is all go here.  We are harvesting away and thankfully making good progress.  I thought I better pop up some photos of the headers as I know how you all come to the blog for the heavy machinery.

The house paddock was done a little while ago.  When The Farmkids were small they used to get all excited when the gear was near the house.  Now they are bigger they have a quick look and then go back to what they were doing.....

I still get excited though so I took these photos.

Headers Doing Their Thing

When the blog first started I took this photo of the harvest in our house paddock.  That was three years ago!  Where does time go?

Watching The Harvest At Sunset
The Farmkids had been to a Halloween party - hence the pitchfork.  The more observant amongst you will notice we have changed the colour of our headers.

This years harvest is going well so far and yields are good.  We are very grateful for this - hopefully it will keep going well. Fingers crossed.

It wouldn't be The Farm if there wasn't a little bit of drama.

There was a fire a few weeks ago which was started by lightning.  Fortunately it then pelted down with rain and so the fire went out.

Smoke On The Horizon. Never Good In November.

So what else? The Quarters are pretty much finished.  I need to get up there and take some photos.  We have had several guests stay so far, including my parents, who we put in first.  I knew Mum would tell me exactly what else I needed and whether it was comfy or not! So they were the perfect first guests.

I will take some photos soon.  I have honestly not had the chance.  Here a quick photo of the verandah and some new chairs as a little taster.


The Farmhouse is also decorated for Christmas.  I will try and get some photos of that too for you all.

Anyway - best go.  I have resorted to writing this in the early morning and The Farmkids are now up looking for breakfast so I suppose I better feed them....

Enjoy Friday.

PS - Did anyone else watch The Bachelor?  I was fascinated by Stalker Ali with The Psycho Eyes.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

So relieved the fire went out.

Have a lovely weekend!

SSG xxx

Romy said...

My husband gets v excited about heavy farm machinery & is pressuring our mutual farmer friend about setting up a paddock full of suchlike so he & his townie friends can come up & play! Could be a business model in this kind of activity?! Rx

Heidi said...

HOoray! A post! Glad harvest is going well, and the little snippet of the shearers quarters is such a tease - can't wait to see what you ended up doing with the bathrooms etc.
I tuned into the final of the Bachelor, and the whole thing made me cringe. Frankly, when he goes back to reality (ie a part time model living presumably in a flat somewhere, rather than a harbourside 'mansion') he won't seem like such a catch. But I suppose these shows are not exactly built around the future longevity of the relationship. It seems you'll only be up as one of the harem of women if you've had a reasonable amount of surgical augmentation performed, and a makeover by the channel 10 hair and makeup people who seem to trowel it on. xx

Joolz said...

Haha, oh Ali was my favourite (weirdo)! Bunny boiler Jolene, right at the start of the series was the psycho! I think Tim had a very hard time with the whole thing at the end but seemed very genuine and I hope he made the right choice. Who would ever want to date that way? Its all just reality TV, take it or leave it.
Bring on MKR and MasterChef! Glad things are going well on the farm for you and yes, can't wait to see the inside of the shearers quarters and all the hard work put in.

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - I was glad the fire went out too.

Romy - Laughing at the planned paddock activity. Our mutual friend wants to come to WA solely to play in our machinery shed with the boys. He calls it "the toy box".

Heidi - The Bachelor was quite disturbing really! There was an awful lot of false eyelash action.

Joolz - Jolene was fabulous. Such a shame she went out early. She would have been the one we all loved to hate.

Domesblissity said...

LOL And Alli's nervous giggle! Very weird. I love a good cringeworthy reality show and The Bachelor didn't disappoint. Although I'm happy to see that Anna and Tim are still together. Wonder if we've got one over the yanks on this show? Maybe two people can find true love on national TV? LOL

Anne xx

cilosophy said...

great that the fire went out.
Lovely pics.
I could imagine myself on a balcony with a glass of wine looking at that vista.
I can't stand the premise of the bachelor. It makes me cringe.

Tania said...

I am doing some blog catching up today, I have a free day so I am catching up with all my favourite blogs :)

Harvest is well under way here, especially now the hot weather has arrived.

That jolly lightening can be a worry when there is so much growth around. Glad to hear there was some rain to put it out!

I look forward to seeing the inside of The Quarters, I am sure it will look fantastic...


Housewife in Heels said...

Love a good photo of a harvester. I recently took my boys (2 and 3) to my father's farm. We had a few rounds in the harvester- and they nearly fell asleep!