November 23, 2010

Movember On The Farm. And In Lego Land

It's Movember here on The Farm.  Many of our staff are sporting some very fetching facial hair.  The Farmer himself intitially had a redneck pornstar type mo.  He doctored it a bit recently and now looks more like a Swedish racing car driver from the 1970s.  Neither look is good. Trust me on this.

What I have discovered, whilst cleaning up Farmboy's toys, is the fact that a lot of Lego men now have facial hair.  I must admit this seems to be a new development since my own childhood.  As I have said before, our house is scattered with Lego and I prefer to think of it as part of the latest Scandinavian design trend.

Lego man facial hair includes the Jimmy Barnes 3 day growth variety. Not sure about the funky head band though.

Lego Man Of The Unshaven Variety

The next Lego man is super cool. He is channelling Johnny Depp and going for a funky "Pirates Of The Caribbean" type aesthetic.  I like it a lot.

Lego Man As Johnny Depp But With Back The Front Legs
I think having your legs on back the front is an occupational hazard if you are a Lego man.

The Lego man below is going for the tough guy image.  Facial hair is invaluable if you want to be truly scary.

Lego Man As Violent Thug
And last but not least we have this example.  I am really not sure what sort of look he is trying to work.

Just Plain Weird Lego Man

So overall, everywhere I look, I see examples of facial hair.  All I can say is - Movember, will you never end?


Not A Ballerina said...

OMG the hairy Lego men are very scary!! I'm glad I saved my childhood Lego for young City Boy to use in the future, back in the day when the Lego men looked a bit friendlier ... (do they have Lego women? If not, why not?).

A Farmer's Wife said...

They have lego women but not with facial hair!

Glow said...

I think there was "Shave and Fun Ken" when I was growing up... I thought it was awesome.

A Farmer's Wife said...

"Shave and Fun Ken" sounds very special. I was watching Toy Story 3 with the Farmchildren last night and did have a good laugh when Barbie "met" Ken for the first time, complete with "Dream Weaver" playing in the background...