December 18, 2010

Christmas Comes To Lego Land

Earlier on I posted about how the Lego men in our house were celebrating Movember.  This week they are celebrating Christmas.

Farmboy is a proud, card carrying member of the Lego Club.  This actually just means your Mum is dumb enough to fork out $20 once a year so you get a magazine/catalogue each month. (Basically Mum winds up paying Lego to advertise to her child....)

Anyway this week the Lego Club came good.  And sent Farmboy this.

A Lego Snowman
Yep, it's Frosty done Lego style.  He even has a little hook on his hat so you can hang him on the tree.

I am dying to hang him on The Farm Christmas Tree.  But Farmboy won't let me.  Apparently he wants to play with him.  There is only one thing for it - next year I am joining Lego Club too.


Donna said...

I agree with Farmboy - I'd want to play with Frosty too! Glad I'm out of the glitter stage, but I have a big bag full of goodies the kids have made over the years at preschool and school. It's fun to get it out and have a look at it all!

Emma said...

There is a Lego club? This is something that the pirates must never hear word of... They. Are. Obsessed. With. Lego. (and playmobil).

A Farmer's Wife said...

Donna - He is definitely a pretty cool Frosty. Take care.

Emma - If you google Lego Club you too can join! Enjoy your weekend.