December 17, 2010

All That Glitters...

This has been a crazy busy week here on The Farm.  Farmboy has had his last day of preprimary with all the assemblies, parties, waterfights that came with it.  I had my own little party for a friend.  Christmas events seem to have been coming thick and fast.  We finished harvest which was lovely and tonight we have The Farm Christmas Party in town.

What stands out though, in my head, this week is the fact that my house has suddenly been invaded by glitter.  The Farmchildren have brought home a huge amount of stunning Christmas Craft from school/day care and every single piece has been incredibly sparkly.

I present some of their finer work.

Very Glittery Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Not Actually Sure What This Is But It Is Very Glittery Too
I could only choose a few because there were many, many excellent (and glittery) examples to choose from.

As a result of this we have a new decor in The Farmhouse.  Every single surface is covered in a fine layer of sparkle. (Particularly the jarrah floorboards).  It provides an interesting (but unplanned) festive feel.  Likewise all the occupants of The Farmhouse are being seen out and about with a little more shine than you would usually expect.  I have decided I have absolutely no choice but to embrace the glitter, both as house and personal adornment.  For the simple reason that no matter how hard I try to clean the stuff up, it just reappears.

In other Farm Christmas news, Farmboy has informed me that an excellent source (fellow student) has informed him (Farmboy) that someone else (Santa) informed him (fellow student) that it will snow here on Christmas Day.  Despite this extremely reliable prediction I have my doubts.  Not least of all because the long range forecast here for Christmas Day is currently fine and hot at 41 degrees celsius.  Taking into account this extra meteorological information I think the chance of snow would have to be slim to middling, at best.

Farmgirl has changed her Christmas present request to a fire breathing dragon.  She would like to be able to BBQ apparently ( I kid you not). The Farmer and I have refused on the grounds that given the info in the previous paragraph we feel a total fire ban will be declared.  Hence it would be very unfair for the dragon.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely week.


Fussy Eater's Mum said...

I have an unofficial policy on No Glitter in our house, which this week has been breached. However, instead of freaking out about glitter on every surface, I realised today that with the high winds we are currently experiencing due to a cyclone up north, the glitter is actually swirling through the air in our house, creating a lovely effect.
So your readers can happily imagine the Farm House as a beautiful swirling snow globe of glittering snow, cute dragons, and the adorable Farm Boy and Farm Girl!

Amanda said...

You'll be finding glitter everywhere for many weeks to come :) The pine cone tree is cute. I like reading where you are up to with harvesting and so on - we have relatives who are in the same position at this time of year.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Bless Farmgirl!!

Have a great weekend, AFW :-)

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Jane said...

Oh, AFW, what a delightful post. Planet Baby, too, has been invaded by the Glitter Fairy. It started weeks ago when a certain older son tipped a glitter box onto a certain daughter's hair so she would be 'sprinkled with fairy dust'. Six weeks later, I'm still getting it out of her hair...Oh, and the dragon for barbecuing is priceless ☺. J x

G said...

Hilarious... love it! G

A Farmer's Wife said...

Fussy Eaters Mum - Yep, we normally have a glitter ban too. Love the snow globe idea though.

Amanda - Thanks for commenting and visiting. I think the glitter will remain for a long time yet!

SSG - You enjoy your weekend too sunshine. Take care.

Jane - Must admit to having a big giggle about the barbecuing dragon. We have also had fairy dust incidents. Impossible to completely remove but cute and very sparkly. Take care.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Georgie - Glad you like it. Glitter has to make you smile I think.

Emma said...

My boys would heartily approve of Farmgirl's request!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Emma - What is it about kids and dragons? Enjoy your day.

Sarah said...

Never considered that a total fire ban is actually unfair to dragons LOL! Sounds like your farmkids have given you plenty of laughs this week. And 41 degrees - what a scorcher. I'm interested to know what you'll be having for Christmas dinner in that heat!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting Sarah - I am planning to just crank up the air con and cook the usual for Christmas Dinner. We are quite traditional here on The Farm!