December 16, 2010

The End of Harvest

This is a picture of one of our headers.

Header, Parked
You will note that it is not going up and down a paddock.  This is because we finished harvest at 2.44am this morning.  Yay and double yay!

The headers have been brought into the sheds to be blown down, cleaned and serviced.  Then we will park them in the shed.  Until next year....


Emma said...

Wonderful news, well done!

Donna said...

Oh you're so lucky - great timing for Christmas!! Wish we were nearing the end of harvest - we still have 3,500ac of our wheat to go!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Emma - We are all excited, not least of all because The Farmchildren have been missing their Dad with him working such long hour for the last couple of months.

Donna - It is great timing for Christmas. Quite often we haven't made the Christmas "deadline" I hope the weather gods smile on you and the rest of your program proceeds uneventfully.