December 15, 2010

Amongst The Gum Trees

When I was a child, we sang a song at school called "Give Me A Home Amongst The Gum Trees".  I think most Australians of my vintage could belt out the words without much prompting.  As a song it is on the daggy side.  Not least of all because it was the theme song of Burke's Backyard for many years...

This evening I went for a walk with The Farmer and The Farmchildren and realised that I had my own home amongst the gum trees.

I love gum trees.  They have a wonderful spare elegance.  I am fortunate enough that whoever planned the original Farmhouse garden planted rows of them.  I lie in bed at night and feel like the trees are standing guard around my home and family.  I find it oddly comforting.

Side Lawn, The Farmhouse
They line our driveways, making gorgeous arches that envelop you as you walk.

The Farmer and The Farmchildren, Main Driveway

Their spreading canopies are majestic and stand out, stark, against a turquoise summer sky.

Lone Gum Tree, Paddock On The Home Farm

Close up you can see the subtle glimmery sheen of their trunk.  And the beautiful lines of their branches.

Young Salmon Gum, Edge of House Paddock
I love their smell.  The smell of fresh young gum leaves when you crush them. The smell of dead leaves on the ground as you walk through them.  The smell of blossom from a lemon scented gum as you walk underneath it, and hear the gentle whir of bees.

The Farmchildren play happily in their shade.

Treehouse Under The Trees

The trees are part of our day to day existence on The Farm.  Always there, always beautiful.

Addit:  For anyone who is interested I have posted about Farmboy's special treehouse, seen in the last photo,  here.

For those of you who are not Australian, a gum tree is a common name for a eucalypt.


Jane said...

An eloquent post, AFW. It's funny, being a city girl, gums=just scrub to me. But when I lived in Germany for a year, I longed for them. I nearly cried when I saw and smelt them in the south of France. They're so evocative, aren't they? J x

Anonymous said...

I love Red gums especially. But yes any old gum is beautfiul. (maybe because I was farm girl growing up). There isn't much that matches the smell of gums in the rain. Beautiful photos.

Not A Ballerina said...

Gorgeous pics and beautifully written! You actually make me want to live on a farm ...
But do you have the old rocking chair?

A Farmer's Wife said...

Jane - They are very evocative and very Australian. Interestingly they grow stacks of them on Argentine estancias and I felt very at home there!

Caz - Love red gums too. We are in more white/salmon gum country though. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Not A Ballerina - Have the verandah, have the clothesline, but no rocking chair I am afraid!

Emma said...

Lovely post. I adore the snow gums on the ski fields of NSW and VIC. x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

That's a pretty impressive main driveway, AFW!!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks SSG - I like it!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Emma - I am glad you like the treehouse post too.

Semi Expat said...

Love the gum trees in my adopted homeland... so beautiful and yours look particularly lovely at the farm. x

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Semi Expat - Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to be surronded by such beautiful trees.
I love the smell of gum trees too. The bark on the white gums smells good enough to eat!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks sassandspice - They do smell pretty amazing, particularly if it has been raining.