January 23, 2011

Pink Sky At Night

I took this photo from the backyard of The Beach House earlier in the week.

Beach House Backyard, Looking South West

It isn't super spectacular in any way but for some reason I love it.   It just sums up what has been a lovely laid back beachy week for us.

Sometimes it is important to sit back and take stock.

Take care everyone.  Wherever you are.


mountain mama said...

just hopped over here from fiona's blog.

it is so fun to read blogs from other parts of the world. that sunset picture is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful soft colours in the photo. Matches the colour of your blog actually. Tiz very pretty miss Farmers Wife!

G said...

Beautiful... nature at its best offers such simple inspiration. And there's nothing quite like a good sunset. gxo

Anonymous said...

Oh that's lovely. I'm going to try to remember this tonight.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks so much everyone. I am glad you liked the photo.

crystal.cattle said...

What a beautiful picture. I spent some time in Australia through September and October and I miss it dearly. The country was so beautiful and the people were amazing!


A Farmer's Wife said...

crystal.cattle - Sept and Oct is a gorgeous time to be in Australia.