April 26, 2011

Easter At The Beach. Drinking White Wine In The Sun.

A very weary Farm Family returned last night from a long weekend at The Beach. We had a fantastic time and it really was a last hurrah before seeding starts today.  I have written before about The Beach House and how much I love it.  This weekend we had a full house and the overflow camping area (back lawn) was also in use.

Our weekend was spent eating, drinking, laughing, swimming, fishing and playing with The Farmchildren.  Some of our dearest friends have just bought a beach house 3 houses up from ours, and with other friends on the same block, it was a very, very social time.  Too much white wine may have been drunk in the sun... (as well as lots of cups of tea on the front verandah)

The weather was so perfect it was almost a cliche.

The Farmer and our friends Hunter Gatherer and HG boy (see here for more explanation) caught this spanish mackerel - it was a whopper and weighed in at 8 kg.  Needless to say they were pretty pleased with themselves and we ate a lot of mackerel....

This Fish Is All About You, Hunter Gatherer

Easter Sunday started early with the excitement over Easter Bunny.
Then we joined our friends and their kids for an Easter egg hunt in the little park at the end of the street.

Farmgirl was prepared with a purple handbag for egg stashing - she looked a little bit like a shop-lifting elderly lady as she surreptitiously hid the eggs in her bag.

Here she is striding forth, ready for action.

Farmgirl Going In.

Farmboy was very optimistic and took a large rucksack type arrangement for his eggs....

Farmboy Thinking Big

After the egg hunt we headed to some friends' house for a big lunch.  I love it when three generations of family and friends sit around one big table and enjoy themselves...

By the end of the day The Beach House had been invaded - Cadbury's had sent in the big guns and it looked like these creatures had bred like, well, like rabbits...

Easter Bunnies.

ANZAC Day dawned bright and clear.  I passed on the service, although my mother-in-law went and said it was very well attended.  The war memorial at The Beach is beautiful and looks straight out onto the Indian Ocean.  Instead I walked down to the beach and it looked like this.

Path To The Beach

Over such an idyllic weekend, I spent a lot of time thinking how incredibly lucky my family and I are.  We live in a wonderful country and are free to do and think as we please.  To me this is something important that all Australians should think about on ANZAC Day - we are the generation that gets to live the life previous generations fought for.  It is a privilege that should never be taken for granted...

(Apologies to Tim Minchin for appropriating his song title in this post title - I always think of his song about life and family in Australia when we are all at The Beach House. Here is a link if you want to listen...)


Kakka said...

Sounds idyllic. I love that Tim Minchin song, the first time I heard it he was playing at His Majesty's in Perth and my daughter and I both had tears rolling down our cheeks. How the long hours of seeding go well and you get rain when you need it. We do indeed live in the lucky country. xxx

Penny's Portraits said...

Your Easter sounds remarkably like ours! We also had 3 generations together for lots of fun and frivolities at the holiday house and the beach. I'm in the process of writing a post on it, but can't find my camera cable to add my photos. Fingers crossed I find it!!

Great minds think alike - yay for long weekends at the beach with family and friends!

Julie @ Off to the Park said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter. We had my family over for a BBQ on Easter Saturday, it was so nice watching the kids run around the house looking for easter eggs.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh the sun. Very envious.

Can you believe the weekend is nearly over?

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Wow - that track to the beach looks incredible! Sounded like a wonderful weekend away x

Anonymous said...

That Farm Boy is an ambitious young thing, isn't he? My Boy 1 similarly lead the chase on the egg hunt, taking the chance to find eggs while the rest of us struggled to find shoes/coats/buckets. Keen?
Looks like you had a wonderful Easter/ANZAC weekend.

Scotty Lover said...

Glad you had a fabbo Easter, and thanks for the TM link. I have only just heard of him, and am enjoying each new bite.