May 30, 2011

Emptying The Rain Gauge.

It rained here overnight. Lots. So much so that I thought I had better check and empty The Farmhouse rain gauge.

The Farmhouse Rain Gauge

We have rain gauges all over our farms in different spots.  The Farmhouse is on the east side of The Farm and usually gets the least rain.  So if there was 34mm here then we probably got more to the west.

Once we had read the rain gauge, Farmgirl did the honours. (And yes - she was wearing this skirt...)

Emptying The Rain Gauge

My loving blogging friend over at Bungalow Bliss commented yesterday that I was the only mother of small children she knew who would be super excited about a weather forecast that involved a week of rain!

There are some times of the year where rain equals money in the bank.  May/June is one of them.  Bring it on I say...!

(On a completely different note - Did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night?  How good was it?  I just adored it. There was so many people required to run the house and look after a family of five.  I have decided that my housekeeping dilemmas all come down to lack of staff.  Am in the market for a butler, couple of footmen, a valet and the odd ladies maid....)


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I will be less tetchy about the rain knowing the good it does to many parts of Australia.

Downton Abbey - I forgot to record it. But will try to remember for next week.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Amanda said...

As much as it's hard to play outdoors with the wet weather, I was actually happy last night to hear the rain falling as I kept thinking of the good it was do my garden, so I can imagine how much more exciting it must be for you guys. I completely forgot about Downton Abbey, bugger! Thanks for your reassuring words on my post this morning, I'm in the middle of Googling bed rails :)

G said...

Oh I meant to watch it but got sidetracked unpacking bags. It's incredible the amount of stuff required for a family of five for one night away even when we no longer need the cot and pram. Next week.

Pleased about your rain. Emptying the rain gauge is becoming quite an exciting expedition here... gxo

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

yay for good rain!!

Penny's Portraits said...

I love rain! It's been raining here (Syd) all day. Heaven!! (even with 3 small people cooped inside, but thats when cubby's and hide and seek are in my bag of tricks)

Make Do Style said...

I hope you get lots of rain and some staff!! xx

Thea said...

I LOVED Downton Abbey!! Can't wait for Sunday now. I couldn't believe how many staff ran the house. I agree, we all need more staff! lol