May 29, 2011

Seeding, Done And Dusted.

Here is our seeding gear.


It has been serviced, blown and washed down and is ready to go back in the shed.  (Until next year....)

We decided there was only one thing to do on our first "weekend" in a long time.  Head to The Beach.

Look, it was stunning.

Beach Time

I love The Beach in winter.

Rain is forecast all week here.  We are very excited because it is perfect timing for our newly planted crop...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

awesome that you got to head to the beach.
here's hoping for just the right amount of rain.

Bungalowgirl said...

Country life is so different. You are the only mother of small children I know who hears a forecast for a WEEK of rain and gets excited. Me, I just get a feeling of slight dread and anxiety but I don't have 5 kazillion seeds that need watering either. Hope your little seeds get heaps of rain. melx

Kelly said...

The beach in winter is one of my favorite places to visit too xo

Makeminemidcentury said...

I hope it rains for you and then stops at exactly the right amount of saturation.

Have a great time at the beach!

Thea said...

I love it when the weather co-operates with the farm schedule!
And I love the beach in winter, too!!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Sending some of Sydney's downpours your way!

SSG xxx

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