May 26, 2011

There Is Nothing Fun About The Mist Monster.

I was struck the other day by how bizarre some adult behaviour seems to small children.  It was a very misty morning here on The Farm and The Farmchildren and I were sitting in the car waiting at the school bus stop.  The mist was quite thick - I could only just see well enough to drive.  While we waited  Kim, our "camp cook",  ran past all decked out in her running gear.  She is a lovely person and The Farmchildren adore her.  As she ran off into the mist, Farmgirl got upset.

The conversation went something like this.

Farmgirl: "Quick Mum, we have to rescue Kim."

Me: "She's fine darling, just going for a run."

Farmgirl: "But The Mist Monster will get her."

Me: "There is no such thing as The Mist Monster."

Farmgirl: "But why is she running away? She must be running away from a monster"

Farmgirl was genuinely quite concerned, so I went on and tried to explain that sometimes grown ups run for exercise.  This concept was obviously not meeting her approval.  Eventually I gave in and said K was running "just for fun."  Farmgirl obviously approved of running for fun because she nodded her head.  Then looking a bit perplexed she looked out the window and said.

"Doesn't look very fun.  That Mist Monster could be anywhere."

Given that it was freezing cold and the mist was very thick, I had to agree that it actually looked decidedly unfun.  In the end I gave in to Farmgirl and we went and checked Kim was OK later.  She thought it was hilarious and was able to reassure Farmgirl that she hadn't seen The Mist Monster at all.

Farmgirl Understands Running "Just For Fun"

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  We finished seeding last night and I am super excited!


Brasilian_Babe said...

Farmgirl is so adorable! :)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Wow she is so cute.

To me running is never for fun.

We have a dragon hiding in our mist on the nearby mountain.

And thank you we had a lovely Thursday, hope all those seeds start shooting soon.


Penny's Portraits said...

Oh, that just made my heart melt. What a little darling. Kids imaginations are wild sometimes.

Emma said...

What a sweet little soul! I love that she was so concerned about Kim!

The Distressed Mother said...

Aww your little Farmgirl is just too cute.

Good news the seeding is done.

TDM xx

Semi Expat said...

How adorable... !! And quite logical really, mist can be like a monster and I expect to Farmgirl it looked as if it was swallowing up K!!What a poppet to be so concerned too. XX

Fiona said...

Three cheers for Kim!
I'm struggling to get out of bed for exercise purposes on these brisk mornings.
And boo to mist monsters.

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Too cute! Love that purple outfit xx

Melanie said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying your posts! Cute kids, cute stories. It's good to hear the view of another country girl!