July 8, 2011

Farmgirl's Pockets. Too Many Treasures.

My Farmgirl is a complete hoarder.  She gets attached to random objects and refuses to let them be thrown out.

Recently I found all of the below in her jeans and hoodie pockets.



  • two rocks
  • a random rusty ?handle she found near the chook shed
  • a green peg thing
  • a hair elastic
  • a popstick with attached pipecleaner
  • a marble
All of these things would count as "treasure" and would be deemed "very special". Now, normally this doesn't bother me too much, but at the moment it is proving to be a bit of a problem. Due to our upcoming house move, I have been cleaning out cupboards and packing boxes. My issue is trying to differentiate between "treasure" and rubbish.  After several melt downs from Farmgirl because I "accidentally" threw out her treasures, we have come to a compromise. She has a small basket and she can take that much "treasure" to The New House. She chooses what goes in it but when it's full, it's full. 

And  I have another secret strategy - late at night bin runs with "treasure" that she has forgotten about.  And I have learnt to use the outside bin because she has cottoned on a bit and regularly inspects the contents of the kitchen bin....

Does anyone else have the sort of kids that refuse to throw anything out?


Naturally Carol said...

Hehe! she sounds a bit like one of those women from the Hoarders tv show I was watching last week! I think that's a great strategy with the little basket and the after dark bin runs.

Domesblissity said...

Are you sure you haven't got my daughter's long lost twin over there? My gosh! My 6 yo girl is EXACTLY the same. And she gets so upset when you've thrown it out. (Bit like her Dad. LOL) I encourage her to be creative but rocks, sticks, creatively torn tissues and doll's heads stuck on dinosaur heads is going a bit far! LOL

(Thanks so much for voting for me on the challenge. That slice is a real winner to me because you can add whatever you've got lying around. Thanks again. xx)

Anne @ Domesblissity

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Not children - my parents! They have a house with the most amazing storage, there is something crazy like 100 doors in the house, and it is all full! I've told them that they have to sort it at some point before they die because I refuse to. I worry that at some point they will tip over the edge and end up on Hoarders.

Deb said...

Hmmm, I have a daughter and husband like that. My daughter is far easier to negotiate with. I work on this strategy - I place the treasures in a plastic bag and what she comes looking for she keeps till the next bag run. After a time I throw the bag out.
My husband on the other hand is another story...
Which is why we have a 25 year old tape deck sitting our garage waiting to be fixed.

Erin said...

giggle. I so get the sneaking to the bin to dispose of 'treasures.' today was yard clean up! whilst dd9 wasn't looking I was sneaking 'her' 'cafe' beer bottles to the bin. I really don;t think the empty beer bottles are the best look in a little girls cafe. kwim?

Semi Expat said...

She is so darling. Love that she has her treasure and what a mixture! Good idea regarding the container for the 'loot' - when it's full it's full!! XX

Bungalowgirl said...

My goodness, are you and I sharing a brain this week? First the driveway post, now this. Just this morning I was cleaning out more quartz crystals from Roboboy's pockets and thinking I should get a photo of the treasure. He finds all sorts of random grot on the ground and mostly gives it to me as gifts so my pockets are also full of sequins, used hairbands, beads and quartz crystals. He has a treasure box for the essentials and I sneak things into the recycling bin ALL the time at night. melx

I'm So Fancy said...

Oh My God I was wondering where my pink pipe cleaner went. Lordy. My pipe is all stinky. Thanks to your little hoarder. :-)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

bless her cotton socks and mummy's little calculated ways.

maybe they could turn into an art work. collections are the in thing it seems.

Kristy Prowse said...

Hi, I'm new to following you and hail from a similar place in WA. We probably know friends of friends.
As for hoarding - I'm a hoarder and get VERY upset when things are thrown away if I'm not ready. Maybe it hails from my childhood!

We finally had a garage sale to get rid of the stuff we shouldn't have bought with us in our recent move.
Nice to read you - I'm at house of prowse.

Anonymous said...

My whole family is like this, especially Mr Karen.
I have a treasure tin for each boy, and they stick to that. If Boy 1 had his way, his room would be chockers with rocks, feathers, broken bits of Matchbox cars, shiny things, etc.
Bless their crazy little squirrel selves.