August 4, 2011

Dinky Little Daffodils.

I have been bemoaning the lack of garden at The New House.  I have decided I am just a whinger.

Look what the garden has produced.

Lovely Little Daffodil/Jonquily Type Things and Water Pump

As these are the only flowers currently in the garden, I thought they deserved the full Hipstamatic treatment.  (The garden will be gorgeous. It has the bare bones there already and, once we have sorted out a decent water supply, I have big plans...)

Anyway - better go and provide dinner for The Farmchildren.  And then I am planning to watch The Vicar Of Dibley and do some ironing.  I know you are jealous.


Joolz said...

You'll get there with the garden. Small steps...
Love the Vicar!


Emma said...

You might find that doing the garden yourself, your way, for your family will pay off in the long run. You will be so proud of it in a few years as it gets more established as well! Do you use bore water for the garden? x

River said...

Those daffodils are so sunshiny!!
They really brighten things up don't they?

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Ironing is restful though..

It's nearly Friday!!

SSG xxx

MultipleMum said...

Spring really has sprung if you have daffodils growing! I love that gardens flourish in the oddest of places! My veggie patch is being eaten by a possum. At least someone is getting some vitamins! x

Tania said...

Lovely little daffodils, very pretty in the sunlight.

I look forward to seeing your garden unfold, I am sure it will be wonderful.

Quiet night here, just me and the radio, and I will be waddling off to bed very soon.

Awww did I miss the Vicar again :(

Anonymous said...

Yay for daffodils!

How exciting to have a blank slate for your new garden.

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I love those mini daffodils. Mine have just started coming up, although I planted the poor things in really terrible soil under a tree, so they are somewhat stunted.

I'm sure the garden will have more surprises to reveal throughout the seasons, but have fun transforming it.

R. Grace said...

I do like daffodils, dinky or otherwise haha. It's been a pretty crazy summer, weatherwise, so I'm glad they managed to survive!