December 1, 2012

A Hailstorm. Farmgirl Gets Amongst It.

Most of the WA wheatbelt had a big storm pass through last weekend.  The wild weather caused fires from lightning strikes, heavy rain and, most damaging of all for us, hail.  The hail came down in about twenty minutes.  On some areas of The Farm the stones were as big as golf balls....

Hail is not good for our crops - all the grain is knocked out of the heads of the plant and is ruined.  Fortunately we have good crop insurance and The Farmer has spent the week liasing with our insurance assessor.  Never a dull moment when you farm for a living.

The Farmchildren had never seen hail and were absolutely amazed.  It wasn't too heavy at the house but did make a racket on our tin roof!  The Farmchildren were quick to discover that it also stung when it hit you.  Farmgirl was undaunted and quickly equipped herself for the conditions and got out there.


Farmgirl In A Hailstorm

She grabbed a giant frisbee and held it over her head.  To complete the hail protection she wore The Farmer's noise cancelling headphones he uses when he is exposed to loud noise.  I like her style.

In other news The Farmer and I got to go to the movies.  This hardly ever happens but we were in Perth for some appointments and grabbed the chance to go and see Skyfall.  It was brilliant and we both loved it.  I think Daniel Craig is officially my favourite James Bond ever.  (Sorry Mr Connery but I think you are just a bit too old for me....)

I have spent the last few days getting The Farmhouse all Christmassy.  I promise I will post some photos soon.

(I have been neglecting this blog recently.  A woeful effort on my part but there has just been so much going on.)

More Hail


**Anne** said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've had hail damage and glad to hear you have good crop insurance. I've been in W.A. visiting my parents and experienced those horrendous storms. Fortunately no hail damage here but so much rain and a complete halt to harvest that was going to be a pathetic yield at best. My brother had next to no rain this winter. It sounds like you live in an area that is a little more productive. Glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm going to see it with hubby when I get back to Melbourne.
Anne xx

Jacana said...

I was suprised as well when we got hail - I have never see hail in November.

Domesblissity said...

Shame about the hail damage. That must've been exciting for Farm Girl to see it for the first time. I think I still lean towards Sean Connery, in his earlier days but I must see that movie. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorating.

Anne xx

Jo @ Country Life Experiment said...

Sorry to hear about your hail damage. Does this mean you don't have to harvest over Christmas?
We had a little hail the other day - fortunately very small, and hail doesn't do much to sheep!

River said...

Farm Girl is quite resourceful. We had the same storm a couple of days later, but without the hail.

Heidi said...

We got the strange weather too - no hail but a lot of thunder and lightening strikes. I'm so sorry you lost the crop. On the upside, I guess it means that the Farmer won't be harvesting at Christmas time?

Love Farmgirls resourcefulness! xx

The Distressed Mother said...

Hope it's all sorted with the crops.

What a clever and adventurous farm girl you have!

TDM zz

Faye Fossay said...

JEALOUS! Your Farmer takes the time to go on a date with you?! Lucky farmwife! I don't remember the last time my Farmer took time away from the farm to go on a date... just the 2 of us! We do try to go out for "family dates" to the movies every now and then tho... so that keeps me happy! :) Really enjoying following your blog! Thx for sharing! :)

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Sorry to hear about the hail damage. The weather is just crazy.