February 11, 2013

Another Garden Update. Summarised.

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.  To be honest my poor garden is all summered out and there isn't that much to update. Part of the reason I am writing this post is to inspire myself to get back into it!  February is easily the most depressing time in our garden. Everything looks withered and worn out.

We are still in the planning stage in lots of areas of the garden.  We put reticulation in mid spring and planted a few things but stopped after that.  Too hot to establish anything now until at least mid-March (which when I look at the calender is not that far away!).  I have the garden in a holding pattern and am just aiming to keep everything alive and vaguely green until it cools off.

Our only other current project is to get a professional tree lopping service in to deal with some of the problem trees we have.  It sounds horrible removing trees but there are three or four large trees that are dangerously close to the house. There are also a few others that need some attention and a long term plan to keep them from becoming dangers.  Most of the dangerous trees are lemon scented gums and they really do need attention as they could easily drop limbs in high traffic areas or onto bits of the house and garage.  Fortunately there are enough other trees that they will not be missed excessively.  So, not exciting, but definitely necessary.

After the trees are out I will also be able to better assess how much shade and shelter some areas of the garden will get.  Hopefully I will be able to come up with a plan for planting some more areas out this autumn.

Too hard to think about it today as it is hot, humid, horrible and still.  Looks like it is thinking about raining which would be lovely but I am not convinced.

This Is What 40 Degrees Celsius Looks Like From The Verandah.....

On a different note - thank you all for the wonderful suggestions about the quarters bathroom.  I had a very successful trip to Bunnings and got all the fittings etc in one fell swoop which was lovely.  Will post some more as the project progresses.

Sorry about lack of farm related posts.  Most farming activities seem to involve budgets, meetings and planning at this time of year.  Important but not the makings of an interesting blog post...

Just re read this post and think it may be one of the most boring I have ever written.  Really I could have just summarised it in bullet points as below.

- garden horrible
- trees getting cut down
- bloody hot, might rain, probably won't
- went to Bunnings, bought stuff
- lots of farm office work

Just as boring but considerably shorter and more time efficient!

Anyway - enjoy what is left of your Monday.


Heidi said...

My garden is not that inspiring at the moment. There is a whole section that I avoid as it's all scorched camellias and hydrangeas, and it's really just too depressing to look at. They're hanging in there (aside from two dead camellias), but the scorched leaves are not great to look at. The tree removal will make a huge change to your garden. Gums suck everything out from the soil and the water, so your other plants should do a lot better.... hope the heat passes soon (or it does rain) xx

Unknown said...

I think all our gardens suffer out here at this time of year. I have the mantra that if it survives one Summer I'll buy more and plant them!

We just had 2 trees removed, their were 5 trees all together very close to the house. We have taken out two and maybe another one in the future. With the way they drop limbs they can be quite dangerous.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm said...

If it's any consolation, February is depressing in UK too. The garden is brown and bare (under snow toay just to make it worse)and the fields are too wet to work, so our farming activities are exactly the same as yours.

Faux Fuchsia said...

Spookily I just did a garden post of the top 10 plants to take cuttings from!

I endorse cutting down trees. It is very hard to gardening 100% shaw and old trees that could smash are roof are no one's friend. People get obsessed with cutting trees down, but it is just sensible at times x

**Anne** said...

The garden is not too crash hot at Dad and Mum's either. Hubby tells me it's dry back in Melbourne too and is faithfully watering it for me.
Stinking hot here today in Kellerberrin/Merredin district, with another stinker tomorrow. I forget how hot W.A. can get in February.
Anne xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Heidi - so glad it is not just me with a crispy garden. To be honest I am looking forward to the trees coming out as they are causing grief.

Annaleis - you make me feel better knowing I am not the only tree remover!!

Anne - sounds like February is depressing everywhere garden wise!

FF - people do get funny about trees going don't they? Weird as some are just so dangerous.

Anne - oh the heat! Revolting here again today.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Your February sounds a lot like mine. This week I'm pulling out the tomato plants that are never going to fruit because it's simply too hot and refuses to rain.

Romy said...

Have been thinking about gardening too......yet thinking's as far as I've got. Twitch is again rearing it's ugly head so have got my work cut out for me yet just can't summon the energy nor find the time. Thank goodness the roses are having their second go, they gladden the heart. Rx

EclectChic said...

Your February sounds like our February. Dry. Hot. Dead ish. Your bullet points made me giggle :)