February 8, 2013

Friday. For The Ages.

Quite glad it is Friday here.  The week feels quite chaotic as The Farmchildren have only just gone back to school and no real routine yet.  I also started my day job again after a month off.  (Longest time off in years.) Anyway we will get ourselves back on track.

Not sure what we have planned for the weekend.  Hopefully we will get to the The Beach at some stage.

Anyway - will be back Monday for a proper post of some description.

Here is my current favourite song if you are bored and loitering here in the meantime.

Enjoy your weekend.


Heidi said...

Love Paul Kelly.

I'm not in routine yet either. I have my youngest home sick today..... so there goes my morning of Getting Things Done while he was supposed to be at his Nursery school. Guess there's always next week! Have a good weekend xx

ANB said...

Thanks for the Paul Kelly addition to my morning! He's playing at Kings Park with Neil Finn next week but it sold out really fast sadly :(

Emma said...

I am longing for normal routine to kick back in! Fingers crossed you make it to the beach. xx

River said...

I love routine, it keeps me sane.

Jacana said...

No school routine here either - but getting there.