February 5, 2013

Another Quarters Update. Timber And Tin.

I have blogged before about the renovation of our old jarrah shearers' quarters.  It is an ongoing project and is finally starting to come together.

The biggest change to the outside is a new roof.  Apart from making it all look that bit neater it has made the new verandah on the left hand side look more like part of the building and also (and perhaps most importantly) made it weather proof.

New Roof

Old Roof. No Side Verandah

The jarrah weather boards have also been cleaned and oiled.


There are not enough boards to completely cover the back of the building and hence we have thought long and hard about what we would use.  Eventually we decided to keep it really simple and use the same tin as the roof - we have some good quality spare old sheets lying around and so far it looks like this.

Back Cladding

I am really happy with it and glad we made the decision not to add another material.

We are now at the more exciting bits and I am starting to design the bathroom.  I have an idea in my head inspired by this photo I took a few years ago at a wedding.  It is of an outside bathroom at a function venue on a property.  I love all of it.

Bathroom Inspiration

The bathroom is a long skinny shoe box shaped room and I am planning to get our local cabinet maker (whom I have worked with before) to make a vanity out of some old jarrah we have on The Farm.  I am toying with the idea of just tiling the shower and having mini orb (the finely corrugated version of the material that is on the roof) half way up the walls with a jarrah finish on top.  This is a look that was done to death about 10 to 15 years ago in country style homes but I still think this is something that might work here.  If I do proceed with that then I would consider getting the vanity made with a solid jarrah front and leave the tin in the photo above out.  Any ideas people have will be most welcome....

The bathroom needs to be finished on a budget and having a custom made vanity will be the big splurge.  Hence I have been researching reasonably priced but good quality fittings and, don't laugh, but my best option seems to be the hardware giant Bunnings.  I am also looking for tiles that are quite rustic and in colours similar to the local rocks on The Farm (the floor in the photo above shows the colours perfectly).  Finding materials to do this sort of look is actually quite hard as bathrooms at present are all shiny, glossy and minimalist.  Anyway - I am sure I will cobble something together by the end!

Hope all is well in everyone's worlds.

Take care.


Heidi said...

The shed is looking amazing. Good job with the roof. It's a boring thing to spend money on, but water is the biggest threat to any building. Like the sound of the bathrooms. You could just do mini orb for the whole of the shower lining - I've seen that done in country properties, and it looks fantastic. Also very low maintenance. Bunnings has some good stuff, so I wouldn't worry about that! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Heidi - I think we just did a bloggy snap as I was commenting at yours while you were here! Friends did the miniorb in the shower and it leaked between the sheets. Maybe not put in properly. Might think about it some more and speak to the builder.

sharon said...

you could mix some terracotta, slate and sandstone coloured tiles together (all the same size, or perhaps go with one twice the size of the others) which I am sure I have seen all of, at Bunnings. The different coloured tiles will give the same mix of colours as the rock, use a light grout!

Id go all of the way to the ceiling with the mini orb in the wet area, a friend has done this for a very utilarian shower room on their property and it looks BRILLIANT. But then just go half way around the rest of the room with your timber above (will it be too dark do you think?) I think this look still works if you keep everything else minimal in the room - simple sink - perhaps forgo the more expensive jarrah cabinet and go for an old long bench, made from the timber.

And seeing as its in the middle of nowhere, you could easily put in a long floor to ceiling window - louvers perhaps? to let in light and for guest to look out the window at the country side whilst showering!!

can't wait to see how it turns out!

sharon said...

ps put clear sealer coat over mini orb before use. and selastic joins in mini orb (as in under the overlapping sheet, so it can't be seen) as installed.

Anonymous said...

We have just done our bathroom and wanted to keep it in the style of the house that is around 100 years old.

I found a granite topped wash stand at a garage sale for $50, so I snapped that up and sanded it and cleaned it up. Put a marine grade varnish on it. For the basin I got another bargain - a round bowl that the local plumbing shop had for sale because they were redoing the displays. I wanted it to look like washstands did in the old days with a bowl and jug on it. The plumber who did the bathroom fitted in on the top of the washstand. It looks great.

For the walls I wanted a feature wall of pressed metal (its aluminum these days). It was so cheap (from memory about $70 per 6 foot by 4 foot panel) we ended up putting it all around the walls even in the shower. We had it powdercoated here before it went on and my husband was able to do it as all we had to do was cut it in a few places and glue it on the gyprock.

It is a absolute breeze to clean, even in the shower, no grout being the best bit. I just wipe the rest of it over with a shammy.

I have heard that mini orb is really hard to keep clean in the shower because of all the ridges.

When we were choosing tiles for the floor I think we became confused because of the choices that were available. Lots of tiles but none of what we both wanted.


**Anne** said...

Your restoration/renovation is looking fantastic and your ideas for the bathroom sound fab. Good luck with the continuing planning and work.
Anne xx

Emma said...

I adore your shearer's quarters. They are straight out of My Brilliant Career! I can't wait to see what you end up doing with the bathroom. I would just stick a Bunnings laboratory style basin on an old wood stand of some sort and then coat the table in marine grade varnish. For tiles what about a tumbled travertine, then you just need to seal them. Your bathroom inspiration pic is amazing by the way!! xx

Zara said...

The shearers quarters are looking great.
Love the look you are going for with the bathroom.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm said...

It's going to look fab. I love the way you have such different surfaces to the ones we use in the UK - no mini orb or jarrah here.

Unknown said...

I love what you have done, congratulations, great job, you should be very proud. I recently visited the Masters Store, Bunnings competition. They would be worth a visit, they have everything. xxxx

Jacana said...

This looks fantastic.

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Looks fab! For some great cheap ideas check out Pinterest. It is my go to website for all things clever and crafty.

Dee said...

The Shearers Quarters are looking good. I like the idea of a simple jarrah bench ( with maybe baskets underneath as storage) as a vanity topped with an equally simple basin. Corrugated iron or mini orb in the bathroom would tie in well but personally I wouldnt use it in the shower as 'I' think it would be a bear to clean. Maybe big white tiles ?

Romy said...

Love those boards and that veranda and good old sunburnt country atmosphere. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Rx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone - such great suggestions. We are getting there and I will definitely post some photos when we get some more bathroom action happening.

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

I just want to say that I adore this building.. and the materials you have used. I love the pitch of the roof and the wide verandah. I think you have a very good eye and ideas and you will get it right! Well done!!

gyprock adelaide said...

You really did a good job.You've done such great building and its look simple but beautiful and amazing.I love your ideas for your bathroom.

Saundra Wordlaw @PortsMouthAreaRoofing said...

I honestly love your your new roof! Can you see how it made your house look new? Having a quality roof is one of the best protection you can give to your hard earned property. I'm glad that you did!