February 4, 2013

Images For A Monday Morning.

Here are just a few random photos from the last few weeks.  For different reasons they all make me smile.

Sally forth and enjoy Monday.

A Very Pink Farmgirl In A Very Grey Central Park

Stop praying. God's too busy to find you a parking spot.

If you have enough space in NYC you are either very rich or very small.

Lego Rockefeller Centre

Home Again. Main Driveway Early This Morning.


Romy said...

Quirky juxtaposition of outside the everyday and reality....love that quote and your driveway! Rx

**Anne** said...

I love your main driveway. It's looking a happier than the driveways where Dad and Mum live. Incredible erosion damage from 100mls of rain in 1 day.
NCY looks increasingly attractive as a place to visit.
Anne xx

Heidi said...

Love the billboards - how funny! What were they advertising?
Beautiful misty shot of your driveway too. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Romy.

Anne I think you would love New York!

Heidi - the parking billboard was advertising parking spaces for monthly rent and the rich/small billboard was advertising storage units in the big old warehouse it was attached to. I love my driveway - always good to be home.

River said...

I love the Lego Rockefeller Center.
And the splash of pink in the grey park.

Anonymous said...

Your driveway is BEAUTIFUL! Life in the country is the best life... I like to visit the big cities when I can... but coming home to the farm is what makes me my happiest! We are blessed to live our lifestyle! :)

Jacana said...

amazing photos of contrast.