August 1, 2011

In Which Farmgirl and I Have New Dos.

Farmgirl and I have both had a haircut today.  She is now sporting a very fetching little cropped bob.  Needless to say she looks super cute.

My Gorgeous Farmgirl

I have also had quite a dramatic change.  Earlier this year I blogged about getting my haircut into a slightly less dishevelled style.  Someone very kindly made a comment linking up to this post.  In it a Vogue editor is quoted as saying "Women with short hair always look as if they have somewhere else to go."  I loved it.

Given that I now have what can only be called a pixieish type crop, not only do I look like I have somewhere else to go, but that I am going to get there in a hurry.

Taking A Photo Of The Back Of Your Own Head Is Very Hard

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.


Domesblissity said...

I love short hair too. It's just so much more manageable with young children. Your's looks great (and so does Farmgirl).

Anne xx

Fussy Eater's Mum said...

That certainly does look like a wash 'n go style. Good on you for being so brave!

Kakka said...

Looking good, I am wondering about going short again myself, but then I look too much like my Mum - lol.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Kakka - laughed at your comment so much because the first thing I thought when I saw my ne cut was that I looked like my Mum!!

Emma said...

Love it!! Well done, wish I had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Farm girl is looking very French with her new bob. x

I'm So Fancy said...

and you too look super cute! Love short hair!